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Company news
  • Complex Stainless Steel Pipes Bending for Cooler 2023-08-10

    Are you still worrying about finding the right supplier for bending complex steel pipes of cooler? Congratulations, when you saw this, you solved this problem.Your right supplier-Kaweller, which have 5 years professional···

  • Stainless Steel Cold Plate 2023-08-10

    Stainless Steel Cold Plate Aluminum cold plate? No! Copper cold plate? No! We must need stainless steel cold plate, due to specific operating environment. No problem for us. That is right to contact us. We can customized···

  • Liquid Solution Projects 2023-08-10

    Liquid Solution Projects,Recently liquid solution projects. As showed in picture, some complex bent copper pipes for cooler, some big copper coil for thermal equipment, some normal bending copper tubes for liquid solutio···

  • New Battery Cooler Aluminum Plate 2023-08-10

    New battery cooler aluminum plate–our new battery cooler solution.New energy vehicles are unstoppable and rapid development.News: China expects sales of new energy vehicles to make up 20% of total new sales by 2025News:···

  • New Technology Cold Plate 2023-08-10

    New technology cold plate. You can learn about it, new process of cold plate–dry pressing, without epoxy resin. We rivet the copper tube into the slot of the aluminum plate, without epoxy resin, but use the mold to flat···

  • Brazed Flange Tube 2023-08-10

    Product Name: Heat sinkMaterial:AL 3003/C1100/SUS 304Brazing method:Vacuum brazing & tunnel brazing & flame brazingApplication:Communication heat sink

  • Screw Locked Cold Plate 2022-08-11

    New screw locked cold plate launched, which is customized for our US customer. Stainless steel tube embedded in the bottom plate, use M4 HD screws to locked top plate, middle layer stainless steel tube and bottom plate. ···